Do you think I'm beautiful? Chapter 5

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Jen rushed into Lana's kitchen, stopping in the middle and looking around. She quickly found some flour, eggs and milk and started to do pancakes. While the pancakes were taking their time baking, she set the table, putting two plates there, cutlery, maple syrup, chocolate and two big cups with hot coffee because God knows they both needed it. She stood back to the cooker to finish the last pancakes. She rested her hands on the counter, lost in her thoughts.

"Boo!" Lana came quietly behind Jen and put her hands next to hers.

"Fuck! Lana! You can't do this!" Jen jumped a little over the unexpected sound.

"Why not?" Lana smiled innocently.

"Because you scared the shit out of me!" Jen turned around. Lana's hands were still on the counter so they were now standing centimetres apart.

"Sorry. It smells deliciously."

Jen trembled a little as she felt Lana's breath against her face. She was used to Lana being so close to her but right now it just felt... different in some way.

"Thanks," she said sheepishly.

Few seconds passed while they were standing like that.

"And you also made coffee, you're amazing!" Lana's voice sounded maybe a little too thrilled as she said it, going to the table. She could stay there with Jen like that longer if it was her way but she could feel that even this was a little too long for a normal friendly boo-surprise.

Jen took the plate with all the pancakes, set it in the middle of the table and sat herself on the chair opposite to Lana.
"Enjoy your breakfast," Jen smiled at Lana and started to concentrate on her own meal.

"Thanks," Lana smiled back and took a piece into her mouth.

"How did I actually deserve a breakfast like this?"

"You didn't. I just felt like eating some pancakes, you know," Jen smirked at her friend, putting the fork between her lips and licking it clean.

"Of course you did." Lana laughed. She loved when they were teasing each other like that.

"Just kidding. I thought maybe we could eat something different than a toast with strawberry jam."

"I thought you liked my home-made jam? Did you lie?" Lana made her voice sounding shocked and hurt and made a serious face, her eyebrows close, pointing her fork at Jen.

"Yeah. Maybe I've just had enough, you know..." Jen was trying not to laugh but had a hard time not to.

"You little..." Lana threw her napkin across the table, trying to hit Jen with it. "I will never ever let you eat it again!"
"Of course you will." Jen caught the napkin and laughed.

"Nope. I won't." Lana was still holding her serious face but the blonde saw her lips' corners jumping up.

"Let's see..." Jen stood up and went to the fridge. She opened it and took the glass with the strawberry jam and stuck her finger into it. She put a little on it and led it to her mouth, licking the finger clean with an approving sound. Lana was watching this whole scene with her mouth opened, feeling a little too much attracted to it than she should.
"I guess I just ate it?" she said with a smirk and stuck her finger in the glass once again.

"I said you wouldn't eat it," Lana got up quickly and rushed to the blond, trying to take the jam of her hand.

"Whoa, slowly, woman, it's mine now."

"No way, you've just said you've had enough so I get to eat this whole glass." Lana managed to take it and it was now her turn to stick her finger into it and taste it.

"You could still share, you know," Jen was trying to win it back but wasn't very successful.

"And why on earth would I do that?" The brunette laughed genuinely over this.

"Well, maybe because you're not the Evil Queen?" Jen smirked and took the moment of surprise as her advantage and won the glass back again.

"That's totally wrong! I am the Evil Queen!" Lana laughed and threw herself at Jen. Her finger was still covered with the jam. She smiled devilishly and painted a line with it across Jen's nose.

"That's cheating!" Jen cried out.

"Yep, my dear, it is. I win," Lana took the glass and ran back to the table.

"For now. Wait for the revenge!" It was Jen's turn to smile devilishly.

They finished their breakfast in silence then, smirking occasionally at each other.

When they finished, Lana leaned back in her chair.

"So, what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know. Something easy, I'm still a bit tired." The blonde ran her hand through her hair and got up. "You want some more coffee?"

"No, thanks. So do you rather want to stay here?"

"Maybe we could go out, it's a nice day today. Can we make a lazy day outside, when we made a lazy day inside yesterday?"

"Sure. I was thinking you could use some sun, you look too pale next to me," Lana smirked, obviously teasing the blonde again.

"And why does it matter what I look like?"

"It doesn't..."

Jen was about to say something, her mouth already opened when the brunette went on.

"Because you always look great." She was grabbing the dishes from the table, so she doesn't have to look Jen in the eyes.

The blonde was a little bit surprised, expecting some more teasing but no real meant compliments. She didn't say anything more and helped Lana to clean the table.

When they put everything into the dishwasher, Lana pointed her finger at Jen: "We're leaving in a half an hour," and went out of the kitchen.

"And where are we going to?" Jen yelled behind her.

"I have no idea yet. But don't be late!"

How typical of her, Jen thought grinning and went to change her clothes.

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