Do you think I'm beautiful? Chapter 2

18. června 2015 v 15:43 | Říjnová |  Do you think I'm beautiful?

"Can you just kiss me yet?" Lana asked, hardly audible.

They were just staring each other in the eyes; their lips parted a little bit, breaths short and fast.

Jen's hand has frozen right on Lana's boob but she didn't even notice. She wasn't sure if this is some kind of a dream or if this is really happening. Did Lana really just ask her to kiss her? And what should she do? Should she kiss her? Not that she wouldn't want to, she found Lana sexy but she's her friend! And you don't just kiss your friends because it can screw everything, the whole friendship! But she wanted to press her lips against Lana's, just to touch her lightly, to know what it feels like.

Jen was fighting with herself when she felt that Lana's hand cupped her cheek.

"Jen?" Lana whispered.

Jen winked and what she saw in Lana's eyes made her do something. There was fear. Fear that she had crossed the line with that request. And also lust. Lust to feel Jen's lips against hers. But there was also some kind of fight, maybe the same one that Jen was fighting.

Screw it, Jen thought as she slowly reached out her hand. She smiled and caressed Lana's cheek. She was slowly leaning to her. They both closed their eyes. When their lips met, they just stayed still for few seconds like they would be afraid that this all could disappear just like a soap bubble. Jen felt strawberries on Lana's lips. Maybe that was the thing that gave her enough courage to go on. She carefully moved her lips and started to kiss Lana. Lana was happy to pay it back, her hands on Jen's hips.

Jen was lifting herself on her elbow, still caressing Lana's cheek with her other hand. She was moving her hand to Lana's hair. It felt like silk and she couldn't help it but tangle her fingers in that beautiful hair.

After a while they both became more confident with themselves. Lana's tongue stroke Jen's bottom lip and she let her in without even thinking about what she was doing. As their tongues touched and started to dance tango, the heat shot through their bodies. Lana's grip on Jen's hips went tighter as she pulled her closer and then turned them both around so that Lana was on top now.

She kissed the blondes neck. She felt the shiver under the trail of her hot tongue.

Lana sat up and looked at Jen, smiling.

"You're beautiful too, you know..." she said as she was pulling Jen up to her, smiling seductively. She tangled their legs so that they could sit as close to each other as possible. Jen smiled and closed her eyes. She let Lana to kiss her again but this time with a real passion. She could feel how her crotch in very short shorts met Lana's in her thin yoga pants. Lana's hands were all over her body. In that moment Jen shivered and some electricity went through her body.

It was like a hit of reality. She realized what she was doing and moreover whom she was doing it with. With her very good friend who she would never want to lose because of the fact that they both hadn't had any sexual partner in a while and apparently felt a little bit frustrated.

She stopped the kissing. That made Lana open her eyes with an unspoken question.

"What are we doing?" Jen asked, shaking her head and looking Lana in the eyes with worries.

Lana let her right hand go through her hair. Her look was confused.

"What do you mean?" It was kind of obvious what they were doing but she was sure that was not what Jen was asking.

"I mean... this... we shouldn't...I... we... it just doesn't feel right, you know..." Jen looked helpless and threw her hands in the air.

"Oh," Lana's expression changed. She took a deep breath and tried to hide that this words hurt her. She untangled her legs and sit a little bit further so she could have her personal space. She put her chin on her knees and hugged her legs.

"I thought you liked me."

"I do! Believe me, I really do! What I'd said, it was all true! I just... you're one of my best friends, Lana. I don't wanna lose you! And doing... this with friends, that never ends well..." Jen tried to explain herself but it felt like she's just doing it worse. She touched Lana's arm.

"Lana, please, look at me. I don't want you to regret this, tomorrow or in a week."

Lana finally looked at Jen. Her eyes seemed a little bit wet.

"Regret...?" she whispered that with an unbelievable voice. She got up from the bed and went to the door.

"Maybe we should spend some time alone so we don't have to regret it later," her voice broke up a bit at the end.
The door slammed and Jen jumped, her eyes wide opened.

What the hell did just happen?

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1 music-germany music-germany | E-mail | Web | 23. června 2015 v 18:28 | Reagovat

Teď mi teprve došlo které dvě postavy jsi použila :D Super nápad, konečně to někdo realizuje, když samotní scénáristé se k tomu nemají :))
A vítej zpět! Jsem ráda, že jsem tvůj blog nevyřadila z mých oblíbených, už se těším na další články :))

2 Lise Vyshved Lise Vyshved | 23. června 2015 v 20:44 | Reagovat


3 Říjnová Říjnová | Web | 24. června 2015 v 0:56 | Reagovat

[1]: Pokud jde o Swan Queen povídky, těch mám taky napsáno habaděj a můžu doporučit spoustu dalších, co stojí za přečtení :)

[2]: Děkuju :)

4 music-germany music-germany | E-mail | Web | 24. června 2015 v 18:50 | Reagovat

[3]: Díky, možná někdy v budoucnu, já už teď moc nečtu a ani nemám moc času, ale děkuji :))

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