Do you think I'm beautiful? Chapter 1

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Tak začneme povídkou. První dvě kapitoly tady byly v češtině, ale já nemám nervy na to překládat ty zbylý. Celkem to má 14 kapitol, není to ukončený, ne oficiálně, takže uvidím, jestli něco dopíšu ještě nebo ne. Teď mám takovou psací pauzu.

Jinak netvrdím, že je to všechno bez chyb, kdyby se našel nějaký šťoural. Ale ono leckdy číst něco od rodilýho mluvčího je na zvracení, co dokážou vyplodit za chyby.

Jinak k povídce, vypůjčila jsem si reálné postavy, jestli se to někomu nelíbí, tak si může víte co :)

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Jen and Lana were both sitting on the couch in the living room. More lying than sitting, one could say. They were both tired. They haven't seen each other for quite some time and Jen came to visit Lana. The last night could be called "a white night" because when they finally went to their beds, the sun was already up. There were so many things to catch up on, they were watching some movies and talking the whole night, drinking some wine.

And now they were just sitting there with food all over the coffee table so they don't have to get up, watching some more movies.

"Jen, are you sleeping?" Lana whispered and turned the movie off, as she saw that her friend had her eyes closed.

"What? Of course not!" Jen rubbed her eyes and sat up.

"Maybe we should take a nap, we were up the whole night, you know..."

"No way! I'm here to spend time with you and not to sleep through it all!"

"And I'm glad you're here but what's the point when we look like shit and are so tired we can't even laugh?"

"You don't look like shit! And I can still laugh!" Jen paused and looked at Lana who seemed really tired. "But you know what, we can take a nap together, so we don't lose any time and I can tell you all the funny stories as soon as they come to my mind and I don't forget them again."

"Do you ever actually stop talking?" Lana looked amused.

"I'm not sure, do I? Come on! Let's do a real sleepover, like teen girls! We already did the movie part but there's still the talking part left! We should be talking in bed, with some food, in dark, until one of us falls asleep!" Jen seemed suddenly full of energy and grabbed Lana's hand. Lana laughed at that idea.

"Jen, it's crazy!" Her words seemed hesitatingly but her eyes bighted up.

"And what's not! Let's do it in my room, the bed is big enough for both of us and you won't have a mess in your bedroom. Just go and I'll bring some food, I can see that you're tired. I promise we'll rest at first a bit and talk then!" Jen made her puppy face as she was getting up from the couch.

"As you wish, you're the guest, after all," Lana smiled a bit and got up because Jen was already pulling her up.
Sometimes Lana thought that Jen was like a kid but she had to admit that she liked how Jen could get thrilled over such little things.

She went to the room as she was told and dropped her body on the big bed. She actually has never slept in this room. It was for guests, she had her big and comfortable bedroom. She lay down and closed her eyes. She was really tired.

"Lana?" Jen whispered and as she saw no move, she put quietly the plates with fruit and cheese down and smiled. Lana was sleeping like a baby and she didn't want to wake her up. She pulled the sheets over her body. Lana was wearing just a tank top and some yoga pants and Jen didn't want her to get cold.

Jen lay down next to Lana carefully and fell also asleep.

When Lana woke up, it was getting dark in the room but there was still enough light to see properly. She felt better but she knew she probably didn't look very well. She laughed. When her fans would see her now, they wouldn't probably think anymore that she's so gorgeous. She doesn't understand it anyway. Sometimes she went through the tweets, especially by photos. She was always surprised what her fans thought about her appearance. She knew of course she wasn't ugly but she didn't think she was as gorgeous as her fans thought she was.

"Jen? Can I ask you a question?"

"Hmm..." Jen hummed and turned around to Lana. Her eyes were still closed.

"Do you think I'm gorgeous?" Lana's gaze left the ceiling and she looked at Jen. She felt that her question was a little bit silly. Now she really felt like a teen girl and kind of hoped that Jen didn't perceive and was sleeping.

"What?" Jen's eyes shut open. "Is this a trick question?" She sat up and stared at Lana.

"Why should this be a trick question?"

"Because! Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror? You could actually ask the mirror, you know..." Jen smiled as she said that but then she saw Lana's serious face. "You're gorgeous, my friend! That's kind of obvious, by the way..."

She lain down again and then she turned around so she could see Lana's face.

"Did something happen while I was sleeping?"


"Then why do you ask this?" Jen's brows were close as she was measuring Lana. She was looking through the ceiling somewhere in the distance.

"I was just thinking about all the things the fans say about me, you know... about all the compliments, all the nice things, how beautiful and gorgeous I am. And I just think that it isn't true."

"You don't think you're beautiful? Lana, are you kidding me right now?" Jen lifted herself on her elbow so she could see in Lana's eyes.

"No, I - I do. I don't think I'm ugly or something. I just don't think I am as flawless as they think."

Jen sighed. "Okay. Look at me and say the 'Mirror, mirror' thing. Come on, just do it!"

"It's silly..."

"You're silly if you don't think you're gorgeous. Just ask that." Jen was sitting on her legs with a serious face and waited till Lana said that.

"Fine. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"

"My queen, you're the fairest of them all!" Jen laughed and pulled Lana's hand. "See, the mirror can't lie. You're gorgeous."

"You're not a mirror, did you notice?"

"And you're no fun. I just wanted to show you that you're a gorgeous woman, Lana. Don't worry about that, your fans are right, really." Jen smiled at her and squeezed her hand.

"Let's say that I may start to believe you. Can you tell me what exactly you like about me? What you think that is beautiful about me?" Lana looked Jen deep in her eyes and squeezed her hand back.

Jen was a bit surprised by this request.

"Hmm, let's see..." She was looking at Lana for about a minute, like scanning her whole body and thinking.

"What I think is beautiful about you, Lana? Hm, let's start with your eyes." Her voice was soft and their eyes locked and Jen went on. "You have such a beautiful dark eyes, so deep that I sometimes feel like I could drown in them." She paused and Lana's lips' corners went a bit up.

"I like your hair," Jen reached out her hand and tangled her fingers in Lana's hair, "I like the colour and how they frame your face," she kept playing with it, "I like how they fly in the wind or when you turn around fast." Jen smiled, apparently thinking about some concrete moment.

"I like your lips," Jen paused, hesitating, her hand in the air. It took her just a second to go on. "I love the scar. It's really sexy, you know..." Jen smiled like she was dreaming. She let her hand go down and touched Lana's lip's scar. She felt Lana shiver a bit as she caressed that little spot. "I love what you do with your lips when you talk and when you smile." She let her finger go over Lana's bottom lip. "I love how you sometimes curl your tongue somehow while you're talking and smiling."

Jen looked up and saw that Lana's eyes were closed. It was a good sign for her and she decided to go on.

"I like your arms. I know it may sound weird. I especially like the move you do with your wrist when you do some spell. It's so natural to you." Jen stroked Lana's inner arm, from her elbow to her wrist and back. She saw Lana's lips widened in a smile but her eyes remained closed.

Her breath was deeper and Jen could see her breast go up and down. She lost herself in her thoughts for a while before she continued.

"I like how your body moves, how you swing your hips while you're going," Jen lead her hand from Lana's waist over her hips till her leg as far as she could reach and back again, slowly, enjoying the touch through her fingertips.

Lana's body was shivering under Jen's touch; her breath was deep and shorter than normally, her lips were a little bit parted.

Jen took a deep breath.

"I like your breast." It was more like a whisper, like a normal voice volume could ruin this moment. "I like how your boobs look like in all the Evil Queen's dresses," Jen run her finger over the hem of Lana's tank top, slowly and lightly, afraid that this all could disappear in a second. "I know, I know, there are some tricks about those cleavages. But it is still very distracting." It seemed like Jen was talking more to herself as she caressed the cleavage of Lana's top thoughtlessly. Sometimes her finger slipped under the hem. Lana's breast went up and down in short, quick motions.

Lana lay still, she was afraid to move. She didn't want this to stop. It felt so good. Not just in her head, also in her body. Her body was responding to every Jen's touch. She could feel the heat going down to every nerve's ending.

"I also like your boobs in Regina's bottom up shirts. I guess I simply like your boobs, no matter what you're wearing..." Jen loosened her fist. She was touching Lana with one finger but it took too long to hold the other ones in a fist. Her palm was now touching Lana's boobs accidentally as she continued with caressing around the hem of Lana's top.

She was watching Lana's face. Her eyes opened and Jen's hand stopped and was now kind of cupping Lana's boob. She was suddenly afraid that she did something wrong. She looked Lana in the eyes. She expected to see anger or maybe even disgust. But Lana's look was tender and all she could see there was some kind of a love emotion, some kind of a desire.

It seemed like eternity, they were just looking into each other's eyes, Jen's hand still resting on Lana's boob, Lana's breath still short.

And then Lana sighed out, hardly audible.

"Can you just kiss me yet?"

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